Meet Ambassador Melissa Vause!

//Meet Ambassador Melissa Vause!

Meet Ambassador Melissa Vause!


Where do you live? Summerville

Are you a runner/ walker/ biker? I love running and biking, and Charleston is a great place to do both. It took living away from Charleston for a few years to realize how much I took this beautiful city for granted. Take advantage of the fact that you live in one of the best cities in the nation and take your exercise routine outdoors! 

What do you do for a living? I am a rehabilitation counselor by day, and I teach Barre classes a few nights a week at Pivotal Fitness in West Ashley. I will hopefully be teaching a few yoga classes during the afternoons beginning this winter.

What inspires you? The lowcountry students benefiting from this great cause! Last year was my first year participating as an ambassador for the JIC run and it was such a rewarding experience to be a part of this beneficial event. As an ambassador, I was able to meet the recipients of last year’s Gavalas Kolanko scholarship and speak with each student individually about their plans for college. The kids blew me away! I had a chance to talk with a few families of these brilliant students, two parents in particular who were lighting up the entire room with their smiles. I knew immediately who their son was in the group of 13 recipients. He was smiling even bigger than they were, and it was so contagious I found myself grinning ear to ear! They talked about how proud they were of him, how smart he was, and what he wanted to do when he graduated college. This was a BIG deal for them. For several students with disabilities, the cost of medical equipment and disability management is an issue. This foundation extends the opportunity for a college education to students who may otherwise not have the funds. I don’t run the race to break records (because Lord know I’m slow as molasses). I run the race for these kids! The 6 hills are just an added bonus 😉

Why do you want to represent the Charleston James Island Connector Run? This is hands down one of my favorite local events of the year and I’ve been looking forward to it literally since I finished the race last year! It’s well organized, big enough that you feel an inspiring sense of community, yet small enough that the crowd isn’t overwhelming (compared to other bridge runs…) The JIC run fundraising event at Holy City Brewing on October 18th this year is a fun way to reach out to the Charleston community to not only raise money, but also an excellent way to raise awareness for people with disabilities.

Motivational Moment:  Be active! Do it for yourself, do it for these students, do it for the exhilarating moment you reach the finish line. Whatever your reason may be, there is no better time than now to be active in your community, support a great cause, and enjoy the sights of the beautiful Charleston peninsula.

What’s your favorite thing about living in the lowcountry? The sweet Southern hospitality!

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