Meet ambassadors Mark and Kara Rittenhouse of Rit-Fit!

//Meet ambassadors Mark and Kara Rittenhouse of Rit-Fit!

Meet ambassadors Mark and Kara Rittenhouse of Rit-Fit!

RitfitWhere do you live? Carolina Bay, West Ashley

Are you a runner/ walker/ biker? Runner/Walker/Biker

 What do you do for a living?

 Mark: Assistant Professor/Naval Science Instructor at The Citadel

Kara: Personal Trainer/Nutritionist/Business Owner (Rit-Fit)

What inspires you?  Our three children (Keao, Kai, Keanu), “Just a Father and Mother trying to do better for the health of our family.”

Why do you want to represent the Charleston James Island Connector Run?  We want to represent this GREAT cause because of the Gavalas-Kolanko Foundation and the opportunities it has given college students with physical disabilities here in the low country.  We were given the opportunity last year to be a part of this amazing event and we are excited they have invited us back.

Motivational Moment: Inspire yourself, your friends, your neighbors to love the feeling of the pavement beneath their feet or the thrill of the ride with wind pushing against every peddle.  Join our OHANA (Hawaiian for family) and the Rit-Fit Team raise money for the Gavalas-Kolanko Foundation.  Please HELP us continue this GREAT tradition of providing college scholarships to disabled students here in the low country.

What’s your favorite thing about living in the lowcountry? The PEOPLE!!!

How can people connect with you?


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